The Road Trip – 2015 – Continues On

After bidding adieu to the majestic sights in South Dakota, Wyoming, and our wonderful adventure with false fire alarms in Montana, we pointed ourselves west and continued on without incident through the beautiful countryside.  Traveling through the mountains is impressive, the exposed stratification of rock jutting upward along with the vibrant shades of green is both awe inducing and dangerous.  The passenger is able to enjoy all the beauty as it passes by the car window, the driver, not so much.  With the roads twisting and turning, climbing and falling, switchbacks and blind curves, you don’t get to see much, just an occasional glimpse if you’re daring.

Passing through Idaho, arriving in Washington, the scenery doesn’t change much.  That is until you get west of Spokane.  Once out of the mountains and a few miles west of the Washington/Idaho State Line, the countryside begins to look incredibly similar to farm country in the Midwest of the United States, rather flat with occasional undulating hills.  Not really much to see.  So, we passed through the heart of Washington uneventfully,

Our destination in Washington wasn’t really Seattle, it was Bremerton, but most people understand where Seattle is, Bremerton, maybe not as much.  Anyway, to reach Bremerton, we would need to turn left at Seattle, we turned right.

On purpose.

A few weeks before we headed out on this adventure, a member of our travel group (yes, there are a few of us travelers that get together once every other month to talk about our travels.  That way our friends aren’t subjected to the “evening social of travel pictures) mentioned a park just north of Vancouver, Canada called Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.  I checked it out on the internet, you can too by clicking here.  She gave rave reviews of the Park and was so enthusiastic about it, we turned right, instead of left and headed to Canada.

I have to admit, it was well worth the time.  I imagine you’d like to see a couple of photos from our day in Canada, eh?




First entering the park, you are greeted by totems and a brief history to the bridge; take note, the suspension bridge has been hanging over the Capilano River since 1889.  Once inside, you have a couple of choices to make.  Do you head straight to the Suspension Bridge or head over to the Cliff Walk?  We opted to walk the Cliff Walk first.

The Cliff Walk is a serpentine series of walkways and platforms extending from the side of a cliff, as the name suggests.  It is very narrow and very cool.



The Suspension Bridge was next.


Once across the bridge you can head up to a series of suspension bridges that link through the treetops to give you a squirrel’s eye view of the area.


This was all very cool and since we did it early in the morning, the temperatures were very comfortable.  I will say this, if you are not in reasonably good health, be forewarned, the climbing and walking can be strenuous.

Once our day here was completed, I just had to take a picture of this guy standing watch outside the gift shop.


We completed our reason for traveling to Canada, it was time to head south and meet up with family.

Heading South on I-5 from the Canadian Border to Seattle is pretty uneventful, until you get closer to Seattle.  Traffic is horrendous!  I took I-405 thinking it would loop around Seattle and not be as bad as navigating I-5 through Seattle.  Turns out, it made no difference.  We were not in rush hour traffic however, it was bumper to bumper, stop and start.  I jumped over to the HOV lane thinking it would move quicker.  Imagine my consternation when the non-HOV lanes were moving faster than I was.  Lesson learned, definitely find a route well away from Seattle next time.

I don’t know how many have seen the video footage of the bridge of the Tacoma Narrows collapse back in 1940, if you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here.  I bring this up because, to reach my destination, I had to drive over the bridge.  Obviously, the current bridge is a replacement to the original, but the video played in my head while I crossed it.

After safely crossing the Tacoma Narrows bridge, it was just a few miles further to Mom’s house, our destination for the night.

Until next time

Rob … the deaf guy


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