Why so quiet?

Yes, I have been quiet, but I have a good reason.  As told on my Facebook and Twitter pages, my wife and I took a much needed two week vacation.  I had intended to post updates along the way however, after a few days of driving, I honestly felt more relaxed without checking in and sharing everything.  And, relaxation is what vacation is supposedly about.  But, wait, you may say, it’s been three weeks since your last post.  Why didn’t you update the blog when you came back?  The answer to that question is that task awaiting you when you return from vacation … work.  It took me an entire week to catch up on everything that occurred while I was enjoying the Pacific Northwest.

My wife and I decided to drive for this vacation, we wanted to see the countryside.  Stop when we wanted, without a preconceived plan.  We had a few sights we knew we wanted to stop for, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse mountain carvings in South Dakota, Devils Tower in Wyoming, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in North Vancouver, Canada, the Puget Sound in Washington State, drive the historic Pacific Coast Highway, Highway 101, and the Redwoods in Northern California.

We did experience all of it, and some unexpected places along the way.  I will fervently begin putting all this into several posts over the next few days.  While not everything during the course of our vacation is deaf of hearing related, there were several moments that were relatable to being deaf/hard of hearing.

Lastly, I’ll cap the posts with what we did last night, we attended the first concert since I was implanted.  I will share with you my experience, both good and bad, listening to live music with cochlear implants.  Stay tuned.

Until next time,

Rob … the deaf guy


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