A Day in Court

First, while I was in court today, I was there as a witness only.  Just wanted to put that out there.

The circumstances leading up to this day occurred about three or four weeks ago.  During my morning commute, I witnessed an accident, as a generally caring human being, I stopped to see if I could help.  Thankfully, there were no serious injuries I could see, I did make sure an ambulance was called just in case.

I stayed at the scene until the police arrived and gave them my statement, the officer thanked me and sent me on my way.  Less than a week later, I receive a summons to appear in court as a witness.  That brings us to today.

I arrived at court with time to spare, took a seat in the gallery and waited for someone to call my name.  And I waited.  And waited some more.  I waited until there was no one left in the court room except myself, the judge, the prosecutor, the clerk, and the bailiff.  The judge looked at me and asked if I was on his docket?  I stood, approached a little podium in front of the bench and stated, “Actually, I am here due to a summons to appear as a witness.”

Judge – “What is the case name?”

Me – I told him the name

Judge – “I believe he was here earlier and pleaded guilty.”

Clerk – “Yes, he did.”

At this point the prosecutor said something but I couldn’t understand her.

Me – “Pardon me, I didn’t hear you.  I’m deaf.”

Judge – “You’re deaf?”

Me – “Yes.”

Judge – “Can you read lips?”

Me – “Very little.”

Judge – “But you’re talking to me.  Can you hear me?”

Me – “Yes, it’s because I have cochlear implants.”  I then turned a little to show him my processors and coils.

Judge – “I would never have guessed you were deaf.  Your speech is fantastic.”

Me – “Thank you, a year ago you would have known.  I just had these put in last September.”

Judge – “So, what do they connect to?  Is something in your skull?”

And that was all it took, I spent the next ten minutes standing before a judge, a prosecutor, a clerk, and a bailiff showing off my processors and explaining how they worked.  The judge kept saying it was all “Amazing”, and it is.  For me though, the amazing part of the day was educating a small portion of our judicial system on cochlear implants.

So, what did you do today?

Until next time,

Rob … the deaf guy


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